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Entry #1


2009-06-12 22:40:12 by karmaforever

Well this is the first day of my newgrounds's profile and I need friends so I should right about politics like how barack obama is doing nothing now.


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2009-06-12 22:46:07

i'll be friends with you if you have a super smash bros brawl friend code.


2009-06-12 23:04:26

Notice how America's flag is known for Red, White and Blue, not black? That's for a reason.

I'm going to be frank, Africans do not have any history here, they are immigrants and belong in Africa. We brought them over for slavery and never brought them back.

Africans have trouble fitting into the United States of America. They are in a completely different realm then us white people and they need to be sent back to Africa, where they belong.

The prolonged stay combined with freedom for the Africans has been disastrous. They are the most dangerous race, with an outrageous criminal population rate, blatant disregard for the laws and morals, and never care about anyone else or contribute to society.

On top of that, they have a much more aggressive nature and there average IQ is 85. This means approximately 1/2-1/3 Africans are legally retarded. It's simple- they DO NOT belong here.

This isn't there country, they didn't found it, they didn't develop it, they didn't fight for it, and quite simply the term "African-American" is an outrage. Do you hear that saying for Mexicans? Latinos? Asians? No. Because Africans are just like all of them. Immigrants.

I say we revoke the American civilian-ship for all Africans and transport them back to Africa. If they want to stay in America, they can buy there American Civilian title back.

I think this could solve a lot of problems. It will stop the clashes between races for one. It will drastically lower the violence rate in the U.S, as well as free up the money thats being used for welfare, jails, police, DEA (etc.) investigations dramatically. We will have less leechers and more contributors.

The statistics show- America would be a better place without black people. But who is brave enough to put accusations of racism and prejudice behind them and take a stand? Support this petition and the day may come when we can make America a better place and both Americans AND Africans happier, so lets bring back what nature intended and restore peace and prosperity to America.